Our Vision:

Our vision is to bring only high quality, innovative equipment, products and technologies to the growing market of the Middle East. Implementation of products and services we provide are carried out via a resourceful and knowledgeable group of experts.

Those key personnel have spent considerable time in the oil industry gaining experience and delivering high quality services to our clients in the most adequate time.


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HITECH Egypt Client List:
  • Wastani Petroleum Company "WASCO".
  • Agiba Petroleum Company.
  • Belayim Petroleum Company "PETROBEL" .
  • Merlon Al Fayoum Petroleum Company
  • Al Qantara Petroleum Company.
  • Al Amal Petroleum Company.
  • Alamein Petroleum Company.
  • Al Mansoura Petroleum Company.
  • Dana Gas Petroleum Corporation
  • Apache Egypt.
  • ENI
  • South Dabaa Petroleum Company "DAPETCO".
  • Dara Petroleum Company "PETRODARA".
  • Gharib Oil Field.
  • Gulf Of Suez Petroleum Company "GUPCO".
  • Enap Sipetrol.
  • HBS international.
  • PETZED Investments.
  • Suez Oil Company "SUCO".
  • Marina Oil Company.
  • Vegas Oil & Gas S.A.
  • Qarun Petroleum Company.
  • Khalda Petroleum Company.
  • Offshore Shukheir Oil Company.
  • West Bakr Petroleum Company.
  • Valve & Tools.
  • Gebel El Zeit Petroleum Company.
  • Merlose
  • British Gas BG
  • British Petroleum BP
  • RWE
  • GlobOil
  • Rashid Petroleum Company " Rashpetco "
  • Kuwait Energy

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